28 March 2012

Little Boy, Little Man

Little boy is unsteady toddles, shrieks and knee scraps.
Little boy slams toys, flinging them against the wall.
Little boy puts everything in his mouth: dog food, dirt, everything is eatable in little boy's world.
Little boy is a tornado, belly flopping, head banging and feet kicking when he doesn't get his way.

But little man?

Little man wraps his arms around your neck and rests his head on your shoulder to give the best hugs.
Little man gives you kisses and high fives. He even pats your leg to comfort you when you are upset.
Little man is pretty much perfect.

Why-oh-why do they have to be little boys sometimes?

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  1. He is such a cutie! I guess all those tornado moves are worth it for the snuggles and kisses :)

    1. He's lucky that I'm a sucker!

      Yes though they're worth it!

  2. He is so cute! Hugs and kisses are so sweet :D
    & Oh my gosh, tell me about it! I'm going through the same thing with my little guy haha. One minute he is an absolute monster, the next he is giving me cuddles and kisses. Can't he just stay a little man - all the time?

  3. He's so cute - looks like he's doing a lot of the same things my little boy is. He's driving me crazy right now because he's all over the place and he's hit the stage where he shrieks if he's not allowed to roam free and have his way all the time. But at the same time...we brought him into our room last night when he was having trouble sleeping, and he so sweetly put his arm around my neck and cuddled up, and it was just about the sweetest thing :)

    1. Oh do I know exactly what you're feeling! Now that Jackson is mobile he will scream bloody murder if you don't let him walk. Ugh

  4. I think your little boy & my little girl would be BFFs! Baby H is ALWAYS climbing into the dishwasher, knocking over the dog's water & giving me a heart attack with her monkey-like climbing skills. Good thing they are so cute & cuddly, right?! Those sweet moments make up for them being tiny tornadoes most of the time. :)

  5. Boys will be boys right? Aww what a sweet little guy! My boy has so many scrapes on his legs from this warm weather LOL!

  6. I remember those days when you think they'll never slow down. They do...so enjoy that little cute tornado.

  7. Ha, love the distinction. I've been told so many times that little boys are hard, but bigger boys are easy. I hope that's true!

  8. Oh yes, I know the and get this to my core.

    They're really...something, aren't they?

    (Love that kiss picture!)

  9. Because little boys are what makes us appreciate the little MAN even more! does your litle boy fling himself on the floor when he doesn't want to do something? Mine does.


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